Xayah rakan couple names

Answers go live every other Thursday at pm PT. If you like this story, consider checking out the Riot Games Engineering blog for even more complex deep-dives of the systems that power the game. Hey friends, Riot AaronMike and Lucida here!

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When Poppy taunts alone or near unassociated champions, her taunt VO will be one of a few generic lines. The only way to create variation was to let the sound engine pick a random VO line from a list. This forced audio designers to use generic lines to avoid playing an improper line in certain situations.

This will be fun! Standing next to Katarina? Not so much. It also gives Pulsefire Caitlyn her unique Pentakill line and allows Xayah and Rakan to sweet talk each other on the Rift. The CAC was designed for a simple use: to execute different actions based on the context of any given situation in game. The structure of the system can be represented as:. A tie amongst multiple valid rules can be resolved either on a first-come-first-serve or randomly if specified.

Voice actions can choose lines for different listeners, including selfalliesenemiesand spectators. Take a look at an abridged snippet of the code that is called whenever a champion kills another champion:.

This snippet illustrates how the system determines which action should be taken according to context. The PickRule function will iterate over each of the rules for the KillChampion situation until it finds the rule that passes all conditions and then execute the corresponding action s. The following screenshot shows a rule we set up for any player skilled or lucky enough to get a pentakill with Pulsefire Caitlyn:.

Historically, audio was triggered directly by events in various systems across the game. Events could be particle creation, animation events, spell casts, user input, etc.

Since the historical triggers were not aware of in-game context, they were incapable of customized interactions. Direct events only scratch the surface of what can be done using the CAC. The combination of situations and rules allows for very specialized interactions to be authored. Before this system, we had some specialized interactions in the game, but we relied on randomness to apply them at an appropriate frequency. Now we have the levers to fine-tune their appearance to only appropriate situations.

This way, we can cause rare, detailed interactions on purpose rather than leaving them up to luck of the draw. In early we set out to make our first couple champions in the League of Legends universe.

Our goal was to make these two champions interact in game like the lovers they are instead of just using generic and interchangeable interactions. What if we wanted Rakan to be able to lift Xayah into the air during a dance piece? What if we wanted Xayah to prod Rakan with a little loving banter? What if Rakan needed to warn Xayah of impending danger?

To achieve the end result, we added a new action type to the CAC to control champion animations. Whenever Xayah does anything — or nothing if idling — she makes a PlayAnimation request to the animation system with the desired animation name. We modified this flow so that the CAC intercepts these requests and checks if any contextual conditions are met.

xayah rakan couple names

The request is then sent on its merry way to be carried out by the animation system. The next challenge was the dance. How would Xayah and Rakan let each other know when they wanted to start dancing with each other? This was achieved by adding a new situation that triggers whenever another champion performs a CAC action.

All of the CACs in the game are notified of the completed action along with the current game context so that they can determine whether a reaction is necessary.

Another awesome win came from rerouting ping requests through the CAC.Answers go live every other Thursday at pm PT. Writers are responsible for things like the voice of our promotional materials, but we also help name skins! That said, there are a few interesting things that tend to pop up along the way.

It also serves as a creative North Star for the folks on the publishing team, including the writer. Before we start throwing out names, we need to figure out what the most important criterion is for the skin. Should it first and foremost be easy to localize into other languages Beer Lover Brolaf is straightforward, but Brolaf has cultural nuance?

Or should the name just be as badass as possible Brolaf it is? After the namestorm, the writer will retreat to their desk and noodle over the proposed names.

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It can be useful to poke other teammates for their thoughts, or to consult writers from other teams if they have an interest in the thematic.

Or how about Daybreak Rakan and Nightfall Xayah?

Ask Xayah and Rakan — Do you have any cute names for each other? :3

These felt and sounded evocative, but left out the connection to the Cosmic thematic. Oftentimes, naming a skin goes smoothly, but there can be times when it can feel like roaming through a jungle of Teemo shrooms. A couple ways these oopsies can manifest are with localization and last-minute flags.

Localization: Writers have to think about how the name will translate across regions. So, we ask the localization experts. Sometimes all regions are A-OK with the translation:. Last-minute flags : Even when the product lead and legal have given their blessing and the writer has integrated the name into the game, a last-minute flag can still pop up. Thank you for submitting a question! View All 17 Images.

Miss Fortune. Twisted Fate. Lee Sin. And on better days, will play with them.In an age lost to myth, the harmony of the First Lands was shattered by war between mortals and a race of titans that had come from the skies above. Even so, they refused to put themselves above their mortal kin, choosing instead to live among them as equals. Their descendants were known as the vastaya. These were mystical, chimeric beings, neither mortal nor truly immortal, and greatly attuned to the magic of Runeterra.

They proudly took their names from those who had defeated the titans—noble Kiila, dutiful Chyr, cunning Lhotl, and countless more besides. For thousands of years, the vastaya have sought to uphold their own spiritual legacy, even when it would bring them into conflict with one another.

More recently, as humans have continued to disrupt the currents of magic in the world, relations with the tribes have soured. No new vastaya have been born in several mortal lifetimes, and it could be that this ancient race now perceives another time of great change approaching…. The vastaya's origins can be traced back to a hidden corner of Ionia. The mortals lived in harmony with nature until a race of titans came from the skies and waged war against them.

xayah rakan couple names

Most enlightened mortals taken the power of the spirit realm into themselves becoming the Vastayashai'rei to defeat the titans.

Initial generations of Vastayashai'rei were deathless and held immense magical power.

Xayah e Rakan: Magia Selvagem

Deciding to live among their mortal kin, their future descendants would start mixing with mortal kin and be known as the vastaya - a blanket classification for any number of species of chimeric creatures. Over time, the varied offshoots began to settle in different regions and naturally adopted different forms - simianavianeven piscine - according to the creatures which most embodied their strongest characteristics.

Some of the Vastayashai'rei resided in the sacred grove of Omikayalan, the "Heart of the World". In its center stood the God-Willow. This massive tree, dripping with long gossamer leaves that shimmered with golden-green light, was of immense importance to both human Ionians and the vastayan people of the continent, which guarded the tree from anyone who wished it harm.

Unfortunately, the tree was destroyed by an invading war party from the Freljord, its leader transformed by its natural energy into the being known as the Green-Father. As time wore on and the balance between realms was restored, the Vastayashai'rei began to wane and the vastayan bloodline spread throughout Runeterra, an interesting genetic aberration occurred: certain humans with very small amounts of vastayan heritage gained the ability to shapeshift.

From the frozen Freljord to the darkest jungles of Runeterrathese shapeshifters can't maintain their animalistic forms for long, yet are still capable of harnessing some of their ancestral magic and change their shape. There is a very old treaty between specific tribes of Ionian vastaya and the humans, which deals with the sharing of natural magic. Over the last decade post-Noxian Invasion, the humans have begun to abuse their share, and as a result, the vastaya have become increasingly unhappy and uncertain with the way humans are using magic.

This has caused a lot of concern from the Vastaya as well as mistrust between the races.

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For instance, extremist groups like the Order of Shadows have begun consolidating power for their own purposes. The vastaya are, understandably, not pleased by this. Vastaya are a group of sexually dimorphic races of various shapes and sizes. Their animalistic appearance depends on the location in which they adapted, and their animal spirit.

However, disregarding distinctions between the tribes of land, sea, and air, there are three types of vastaya:. Each type of vastaya greatly differs from the others in appearance and abilities, but they are all in tune with the natural magic of Runeterra to some degree. Vastaya of different tribes can reproduce. Tribes like the Sodjoko are made up of various tribes coming together.


Vastaya with egg-laying animal spirit does not lay egg. They can travel beyond though, just as humans don't all have to constantly live near fresh water rivers. Most Vastaya have some ability to change shape. Most arrive a shape that is comfortable, reflects the animal spirits connected to their tribe, and their own personality needs wants.Deadly and precise, Xayah is a vastayan revolutionary waging a personal war to save her people.

She uses her speed, guile, and razor-sharp feather blades to cut down anyone who stands in her way. Xayah fights alongside her partner and lover, Rakan, to See More. After using an ability, Xayah's next basic attacks will hit all targets along their path and leave a Feather. Xayah throws two damaging daggers that also drop Feathers she can recall. Xayah creates a storm of blades that increase her basic attack speed and damage while granting her movement speed if she attacks a champion.

Xayah calls back all her dropped Feathers dealing damage and rooting enemies. Xayah leaps into the air becoming untargetable and throwing out a fan of daggers, dropping Feathers she can recall. Champion Mastery OP. GG probuilds. Passive Clean Cuts After using an ability, Xayah's next basic attacks will hit all targets along their path and leave a Feather. Q Double Daggers Xayah throws two damaging daggers that also drop Feathers she can recall.

W Deadly Plumage Xayah creates a storm of blades that increase her basic attack speed and damage while granting her movement speed if she attacks a champion. E Bladecaller Xayah calls back all her dropped Feathers dealing damage and rooting enemies.

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R Featherstorm Xayah leaps into the air becoming untargetable and throwing out a fan of daggers, dropping Feathers she can recall. Available Skins. Take League With You Download the League app to stay connected to friends and the latest game and esports news.Interest is based how many people viewed this name from each country and is scaled based on the total views by each country so that large countries do not always show the most interest.

Darker blue on the map indicates that people in the country are more likely to search for this name. Longer bars in the bar graph indicate that people in the country are more interested in the name. Not all countries that have shown an interest in the name are listed in the bar graph.

I do not know how you feel about it, but you were a male in your last earthly incarnation. You were born somewhere around the territory of Tibet approximately on Your profession was seaman, dealer, businessman, and broker. Psychologically, you had a Bohemian personality - mysterious, highly gifted, capable of understanding ancient books. Magical abilities, could be a servant of dark forces. The timid, lonely and self-confident people are everywhere, and your problem - to overcome these tendencies in yourself and then to help other people.

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On This Page. How to Pronounce Xayah. Is this an accurate pronunciation? How difficult is it to pronounce Xayah? Can Xayah be pronounced multiple ways? Record your pronunciation Recording. Click to stop. We noticed you have a microphone. If you know how to pronounce Xayah, just click the button to record.

We'll save it, review it, and post it to help others. Recordings from children under 18 are not allowed. Back to Top. Meaning and Origin What does the name Xayah mean? Find out below. Origin and Meaning of Xayah. User Submitted Origins. Xayah Means.

Cited Source. We will review your submission shortly! International Interest. Also see international interest. Where is the name Xayah popular? International Interest for Xayah Interest is based how many people viewed this name from each country and is scaled based on the total views by each country so that large countries do not always show the most interest.

Xayah is the 58, th most popular name of all time.Xayah, the Rebel never quits and what many see as a weakness she can easily show how open to interpretations it can be.

The skin has some nice visual and aural touches but they are limited. However, it ends up being truncated to a minimal set of appealing changes. With so little to offer beyond Classic, Cosmic Dusk Xayah is a skin with features to like but not many. Thin on Valentine spirit but appealing nonetheless, Sweetheart Xayah is a good skin. The contrast of dark colours and bright glows, with the subtle support of harp tunes, is the main feature.

The dual recall with Rakan is the only special addition because of their relationship. The new model dresses Xayah in shades of blue and the feathers get a misty, blue glow that feels magical but is rather homogeneous across abilities. If, say, the skin was rp, would it be worth? The question is whether you like the skin and play the champion enough to buy it.

Take into account that a better skin can be released in the future so, would Cosmic Dusk Xayah be worth it in the meantime? Hello, Zero! If so, I would love to hear your initial takes on them despite being WIP as of now. Sure, the shared recall is a nice touch but we expected some extra interaction between them. They changed a few things not easily noticeable at a glance.

Strangely enough though, it still looks pretty decent despite few flaws. Not sure if RP is worth. I am having a hard time deciding whether to get it or not, because I very much adore Classic Xayah and Rakan as they are— but I also want to explore another take on Xayah. The splash is a rather nice presentation card but then the skin seem to lack an extra effort to make them special.

We like Sweetheart Xayah because of the use of dark colours surrounded by bright glows. Sweetheart Rakan we find somewhat dull.

The colours are subdued and aside from a few good touches the skin is far from eye-catching as it should be. Given the golden highlights of Sweetheart Xayah and the bright yellows of Classic Rakan the skin would go well in-game.

The question is whether you need both Sweetheart skins to enjoy the shared recall or if one is enough. That sounds expected, sadly. A pity but it seems that we have to adapt to the way things are nowadays. Still, Sweetheart Xayah works rather well as a Classic alternative. I just have a question to asked why do u mention rp skins as regular when they are actually epic skinx? Thanks for the information. Still, if they are to be removed that, technically, makes them legacy skins. The main flaw of Sweetheart Xayah is being so similar to Classic that the biggest difference is the new colour scheme.

The contrast of colours is quite nice and it does encompass the particles but a skin should have more significant changes than colours.Xayah huddled at a corner table, pretending to scribble notes on some old maps. A vastayan dancer across the bar captured the room's attention with a flamboyant performance, lulling the audience into an easy mood. Xayah made eye contact with the vastayan and nodded toward an Ionian soldier sitting in the back row.

Time to move. The dancer flashed a knowing smile and leapt toward the soldier, letting loose a vicious kick. With bar-goers scrambling away from the brawl, Xayah surged across the room, hurling a storm of feathers. The soldier collapsed, and The Rebel's job was done. All in the bar were captivated by Rakan's performance—all save one.

Near the back of the dim-lit tavern, a silken-feathered vastayan woman stared into a spread of maps, ignoring her raucous surroundings.

xayah rakan couple names

With a flourish of feathers, she lifted her eyes to meet his. She nodded toward an Ionian soldier in the back row, and Rakan smiled. It was time to really grab the spotlight. He dove off the stage, sliding across a bartop toward the soldier. With a stunning kick that sent the man flying through three tables, the Charmer's job was done.

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After casting an ability, Xayah's next few basic attacks will pierce through all enemies in their path dealing reduced damage to all targets after the first. They'll also leave a feather where they land. Feathers remain on the field for a moderate length of time. Xayah throws two blades in a line, damaging all enemies hit.

xayah rakan couple names

The blades leave a feather where they land. Xayah conjures a storm of feather blades that increase the strength and speed of her next few basic attacks. If Xayah attacks an enemy champion while empowered by Deadly Plumageshe'll gain a short burst of movement speed. If Rakan is nearby when Xayah activates Deadly Plumagehe'll also gain the ability's effects. Xayah recalls all featherswhich deal damage to any enemies they strike on the way back to Xayah.

If a target is struck by several feathers at once, they'll be briefly rooted. Xayah leaps into the air, becoming briefly untargetable. After a short delay, she hurls a storm of blades in a cone, each of which deals damage to struck enemies and leaves a feather upon landing.

Xayah may continue to move while airborne. If either Xayah or Rakan is recalling, their lover can sync up with them, choreographing a perfect return to base. Rakan can reduce this ability's cooldown by attacking an enemy champion. Rakan slings an enchanted feather forward. After a brief moment a heal triggers in the area around Rakan. The heal activates immediately if Rakan touches an ally. Rakan leaps forward, landing stylishly at his destination.

He then pauses for dramatic effect before launching into the air and knocking up nearby opponents.


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